I wish I could smell the scent of bushes of rural Eastern Cape. Have you ever stood on top of Nciba(Kei) River Bridge to experience the quietness of the flow of its water? It is as if that river witnessed too much tragedy and sorrow of the Xhosa people during the nine wars of dispossession. My soul wishes to fly over the AmaThole mountain range where Xhosa warriors fought and died for their mother-land against Christian colonialists. I miss the quietness and the tranquility of the village of EmaGiqweni (ngaphesheya kweNciba).


I miss the sight of round green houses on top of hills. History tells us that most villages were built on mountain tops so that tribes could see approaching enemies from afar. The mountain top houses also inspired Thandiswa Mazwai when she wrote the song called; Transkei Moon (Zabalaza) with a line that says ‘Umzi wakhe, usemaweni, amafu alele phezu kwethu’. Thandiswa further says she ‘saw the face of Mveli-Ngqangi’ thereI used to think that people could only have a vision of God in Mount Zion till Thandiswa had this experience in the Eastern Cape. I miss the clicking sounds of our beautiful Xhosa language in its rural form, not the fanakalo that is spoken in urban South Africa.

I miss the humility and a smile of a rural Xhosa mother who when they meet you would ask; “ungo wasemanini ke wena mfana?’. They would start telling you about their own clan names and negama lomzi andele kuwo yena. Remember, the pride of a Xhosa woman is based on ukwenda, kwakunyenomzi andele kuwo . At this point, I will pay any thing for a taste of ibhokhwe yomcimbi, an animal that Xhosa people use for their spiritual healing.The sight of abelusi looking after the cattle that sustain the livelihood of their families. I can see their sun-burnt faces in my mind's eye caused by countless hours exposed to nature’s elements.


I wish I could go to Ntabozuko where SEK Mqhayi, our greatest of poets lived and died just to wake him up in order he could say something that could restore our dignity as a people. I wish Mqhayi could resurrect just to narrate for us as he did in Ityala Lamawele our indigenous laws. Cant Rubusana wake up just to see that Iinkomo Azikabuyi and that indeed Singamagwala. If John Tengo Jabavu were to resurrect, he would die a painful second death when realising that there are no longer mediums that carry 'Imvo Zabantsundu', but rather those that carry imvo zabamhlophe. I am pretty sure that DDT Jabavu's spirit is wounded by witnessing that black people are no longer Imbumba Yamanyama as he wished in his book. When will they bring the remains of AC Jordan from foreign lands to witness Ingqumbo Yeminyanya caused by the suffering of black people in their country. Where is Tiyo Soga to come and witness the disintegration of Intlalo kaXhosa and I hope that his soul is protecting the lives of the people of Tutura where he died.


I wish I could go to Nongqawuse's grave in Alexandra (Emnyameni) just to ask if indeed our ancestors wished us suffering. I can almost smell the blood of Xhosa warriors who died Egazini in Grahamstown during Nxele's War. My soul is hovering over the grave of Ngqika in Mkhubiso (eXesi) asking his spirit to save us from the scurge of diseases. What about King Hintsa, who is sleeping along the banks of Nqabarha River kuGatyana, does he not have anything to say about the black condition? My soul is yearning to touch the tree next to King Phalo's grave in Tolweni and ask its roots to resurrect him cause his nation is in ruins. Ask King Sarhili to wisper echoing words of encouragement from the cave in which he died in Bomvanaland. You people of Bomvanaland, tell our King that the question he asked in 1893 is still not answered; 'where is my country?...where are my children?...my country was over there- now I have no country'. My heart and soul are longing to see the green grasses of Nqadu Great Place where the body of King Xolilizwe lies. As my heart pours with pain, I am looking at Blouberg Sea where our great warrior Nxele kaMakana drowned. I am still waiting for his heroic spirit to return as he promised. Beyond where Nxele sank, I can see the pain-filled spirit of our warrior, Chief Maqoma(Ah! Jongumsobomvu) still hovering over Robben Island where he died in 1873 after baptising him against his will. As they say Son Of Ngqika, they were not 'satisfied with stealing [your] land, people and cattle, the Europeans also wanted [your] soul'. We are still hoping and gazing at 'umsobomvu' that will probably bring our total liberation.

To our spiritual leader, King Zwelonke, I look up to you. The nation is asking you to summon the spirits of great kings of olden times.


King Togu is lying in Qokama on the banks of Mthatha River!

King Sikhomo is sleeping at Cumgce in Pondoland!

The waters of St John's River will stir King Ngcwangu's spirit if you ask!


To you House Mpondo. I miss the wrinkled faces of old wise men in your kingdom at Qaukeni (Lusikisiki). The land is weeping sons of Gangata, Bala, Citwayo, Ndayeni, Tahle, Nyawuza and Faku.


Is Tahle not weeping where is his body is lying at Mzamba (Mbizana)!

Is Ndayeni not mourning where his remains are lying at Mzamba!

Citwayo's soul is restless in Ngquza (Lusikisiki)

Bala's body is shaking at Ngcoya (Lusikisiki)!


To you House Of Thembu. I beg of you to restore the dignity of the children of Bomoyi, Ntande, Dlomo, Hala, Madiba and Mthikrakra. We had enough wars amongst our selves. Didn't we battle in the War Of Nongxokozelo? Didn't we fight each other in the War Of Ngcayechibi? Didn't we kill each other in the Battle Of Gwadana?. We now have a new enemy that seeks to obliterate all of us. I look up to you to keep uniting us as Rholihlahla, the son of Simakade, Mbambonduna, Mandela and Gadla tried.


To you House Of Majola (MaMpondomise Amahle). I wish I could go to Qumbu where your chiefs reign and bow before your totem, uMajola(Inyoka yakulo Qengeba, yakulo Ngwanya). Please ask, Isilo sakulo Mhlontlo, to release a vernom that could protect us from this wrath of poverty that was brought to us by the ancestors of white people.


To you, maBhaca akulo Mgibidzeli, maBomvana akulo Tshezi, maXesibe akulo Nondzaba, Ntlangwini yakulo Sibalukhulu, maMholo akulo Bojana, maBhele akulo Khuboni, maZizi akulo Jama, maHlubi akulo Mpangazitha and all other chiefdoms, I say restore our pride and dignity before its too late.