Zazi education

Zazi Education is a subsidiary of Zazi foundation championing a cause to educate and develop self-motivated but marginalised South African youth through literature. This youth is typified in the book steering by the stars authored by Dr Mamphela Ramphele. The back-breaking legacy of under-development and unrelenting conditions characterized by abject lack are challenges facing this youth. Zazi Education seeks to offset these strongholds to self-development by engaging youth on these issues using their mother tongue and multimedia platforms to best access them.


This is an initiative to highlight the plight of youth that post apartheid continues to be marginalised and because of poverty, lack access to self-development. This is done by first translating the book: Steering By The Stars into isiXhosa, a language spoken by seven million South Africans. Presenting the book in isiXhosa will open gates of accessibility for locals beyond English language’s ability to reach, carrying the message of the book to uncharted territories. Further, the multimedia translation of the book’s message will be carried in the fingertips and reverberate in the minds of youth and many who interact using the ubiquitous multimedia platforms of the information age achieving more impact than print.

The initiative is to foster leadership amongst youth. This leadership is envisaged to emanate from and amongst their self-motivated peers who can raise the bar of expectation for all in sundry.

Zazi Education raises funds and provides educational resources, ranging from ICT literacy skills to schools and offering university bursaries.

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