Zazi heritage Background

Zazi Heritage uses Media and Technology to promote heritage and cultural education to various sectors of South African society. The promotion of knowledge and preservation of heritage resources, recording of both tangible and intangible heritage. This is done in partnership with relevant stake-holders with the ultimate aim of building responsible citizens who are proud of their cultural heritage and country.

1. Schools Heritage Societies programs (SHC)

- The school heritage programs is school based and run in partnership with history departments of participating schools. The following are programmes of the SDS programme:

1.1 Heritage hiking and walks.
1.2 Heritage camps and tours.
1.3 Educational heritage sites visits such as museums, libraries, oceanariums
1.4 Assisting with the preservation of heritage, recording of oral history and involved in the preservation of both tangible and intangible heritage
1.5 Rites of passage heritage education:

2. Community Heritage Society programs (CHS)

The community heritage societies are made of adult members of various participating communities focusing on the following activities:

2.1 Umcimbi monthly sessions

These are monthly events organized by Zazi Heritage where experts on various heritage subjects are invited to address members of Zazi Umcimbi sessions. This is a first step into building an online CRM database of members. This will serve as a basis for future initiatives such as the Heritage Newspaper, Heritage Encyclopedia website, Heritage SMS line, etc.

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